Astro - Look Beyond

Look Beyond the Ordinary

Introducing Astro. The latest range of intercom handsets for the Duo System. Continuing to look beyond the ordinary, Farfisa have designed this new series of products with elegance and functionality at their core.

Compact in size and with an integrated 4.3″ LCD screen, the AT9262 video monitor has been designed with ease of use first and foremost. Four large buttons provide both basic and enhanced operations, with two LEDs providing intuitive status information to the user.

The AT972 is a hands free audio intercom which embodies the design principles of Astro. Incorporating many of the standard features available within Astro, the AT972 is unique, as it can also be programmed to automatically answer an incoming call without user intervention.

Building on the distinctive look that Astro brings to the Duo system, the AT962 audio intercom continues to deliver elegance and exclusive features. The Office function provides ‘soft’ access control, especially useful in small retail environments. When enabled by the user, the AT962, upon being called, will unlock the door after a preset time delay.

Installation and maintenance could not be easier with the inclusion of Bluetooth programming via a suitable Apple or Andriod device and the Duo System App.

The Astro range brings together all the best in two wire digital intercom technology from Farfisa.


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